Witchcraft Classes

IMG_3732I started teaching this course in the late 1990s, then it was a 6 week course, as the years have passed it has grown and developed into what it is today. The classes are an independent, standalone course, and run one evening a week for a course of 13 weeks, with an outdoor ritual in a stone circle in Wicklow at the end of the course, which is generally held on a Sunday afternoon. I generally run one a year in Dublin after the Spring Equinox. Occasionally, I run a second one in other areas of the country. The aim is to give a basic background and understanding of Witchcraft and Wicca. The syllabus is as follows.

  1. Introduction – Ethics and Beliefs
  2. History 1 – Ancestral History and Working with Deities
  3. History 2 – Christianity, “Burning Times”, Politics and the Rise of Modern Witchcraft
  4. The Sabbats, Wheel of the Year, the High Priest and High Priestess
  5. Magic Circle, Ritual, Working Tools, Power, Drawing Down the Moon and Sun
  6. Meditation, Reincarnation, Astral Projection, Thought Forms, Pathworking
  7. Spellcraft
  8. The Influences of Ceremonial Magic – Guest lecturer

IMG_3733The cost of this course is €180 and comprises all materials and notes.  For information on when the next course is to be run please contact me and I will let you know. Please note that there are concessions available for those with financial difficulties, all you have to do is let me know. The price may vary if I am holding them in a venue which requires me to travel.

Please be aware that this is a general witchcraft course and in no way constitutes coven training, nor does participation in this course, or indeed any of the other workshops or classes that I run, constitute coven training or admission to Serpent Coven.

Numbers  for the Dublin course are limited to 8 participants. Elsewhere in the country the maximum numbers can be up to 15, but will depend on the capacity of the venue.