Serpent Coven


“And better it be when the Moon is full”

As I mentioned before, I am an Alexandrian Third Degree High Priestess. In 1980 I was initiated  into Janet and Stewart Farrar’s coven, which was based in Swords, Co. Dublin.  After two and half years of intensive training, In 1983 , a group of initiates hived from that coven, and we formed our own. I have basically been the high priestess of a coven ever since, with a short break in from 2002 to Lughnasadh 2004, when my second coven, Serpent Coven was formed.


Imbolg Altar

We are an Alexandrian coven. We place great emphasis on training and personal development, and for this reason, our coven is divided into two parts, our main coven which meets for Sabbat rituals and Initiate only rituals, which is run by me and my high priest, and our neophyte coven Serpent Grove, which is run by our second degree priests and priestesses. Our neophytes attend the Sabbat rituals. We have a lengthy meet and greet, interview process for any potential seeker to our coven. All potential neophytes must be accepted by all existing coven members, before they are admitted to the coven. This process can take many months, anyone seeking acceptance for training must be patient and also understand that they may not be accepted. Should this be the case, we will take great care to explain our reasons and hopefully help them to find a more suitable place to train in. There is no set time period of training, it entirely depends on the individual, however, the usual time span would be no less than 5 years.

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